Half Term Training

To be honest, I’m probably in a much better position than most when it comes to fitting training time in with family duties. I’m extremely lucky in that I no longer need to work, so I can fit in what I do around school pick ups. Having said that, there is always stuff to do, particularly over the past couple of years as our house is having to be rebuilt. Not because we have had some grand design, but because of the muppet builder who built it so most of my time has been spent dealing with the comedian Insurance Company and Contractors they appointed.


Anyway, I get more of an issue training when the kids are off. This half term has been difficult as the ones at primary school had one week, and the older ones had a different one so it gave us a 2 week half term. There was a little bit of an overlap so we went off to Abersoch for a few days. I’ve been going there for over 20 years now. On a good Summer day, you would never know you were in the UK. We all just chill over there, whether its going for a walk, messing on the beach, whatever, its just a great place.


For me, its probably my favourite running place. I get up early, and try and sneak out for a run on the beach. There’s just something special about running on a beach, next to the sea and I try to make the most of it. Weather wasn’t too good this weekend, and as its only a week before next weeks half marathon, I thought I’d get one last biggish run in. Sneaked out into the lounge where I’d left my bits and thought I’d head out once I’d got changed quickly. It was then that I realised just how much shit I had to get ready to go out. Running pants to stop any chaffing, tights to keep warm, shorts over them, heart rate monitor on, skin top over that, running shirt over that, socks on, shoes on, headphones through my shirt sleeve, ipod shuffle attached, garmin on and attached to satellites. Now I’m dressed, fill the camelback with water, pop a couple of tablets in, attach to my back, get the straw in the right place, get a couple of gels in the pocket and I’m ready, got a sweat up just getting myself together!!


It was worth it though. Like I said, something special about running along the beach and you’re the only one there. Its the only place I run with headphones in as I like to know whats happening round me with the traffic, but here, there’s just me. I had a proper moment listening to an old favourite song of mine, Stargazer by Rainbow. Its also nice to run and listen to the waves crashing in, particularly this weekend as they were crashing in quite a lot!!


Thoroughly enjoyed my run, and if you enjoy it, you either stay out longer, or run faster, or maybe even do both. I stayed out longer, as I’m not overly quick and it just set me up nicely for the day, and as it was my last big run before next weekend, didn’t push it too much.


Back home now. Will do a couple of turbo sessions this week to keep the legs going but nothing too much so they’re fresh ish for Sunday.



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