Training Injuries

I’ve been quite lucky with training injuries, I think the worst think I have ever had was shin splints which I developed about 2 weeks before I did my first half marathon. It was painful but I was carrying four stone more than I am now at the time, so could put it down to that. Other than that, I’ve had nothing else, until this morning.

I did my usual hours training with my PT and because I was going to pick up my youngest from her nursery, I stayed at the gym and did a run. Nothing daft, just a hour or so and I did a nice, gentle 12 km. Just plugged in the Ipod and off I went listening to some Parkway Drive to relieve the boredom.

Felt pretty good doing it, no aches or pains and could have gone on but I needed to be at the nursery so hopped off the treadmill and wandered to the changing rooms. As I walked past a mirror, I noticed something on my shirt so stopped and looked. To my horror, there were two large blood stains down my shirt, starting where my nipples were. If any of you have ever had joggers nipple, trust me, it hurts!! Especially when you first get in the shower, think I gave quite a yelp when the water hit them the first time. Wouldn’t mind but I had protectors on as they rubbed a little the other week so I thought best safe. Trouble is, they fell off and created the mess that my shirt is in the picture!!

I’m sat here typing this with no top on, not a pleasant thought I know but I don’t want anything rubbing on them. They’re throbbing like mad at the mo, could hang a pair of coat hangars on them. Hopefully the pain will go away in a bit but for now, it aint good.

Take care.



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