Tempting Fate

I knew I shouldn’t have written that piece the other week about me never getting ill. Woke up yesterday and felt shocking. Not too much of a cold but double achey and felt like I had a G clamp on my head. Bugger, bugger, bugger.

Capesthorne half this Sunday so popped a Zinc tablet and tried to get some vitamin C down me. Even had a sleep yesterday afternoon as felt so rough. Not going to be able to do the run if I feel like this which won’t impress me at all. Feel a little better this morning, took an extra strength Lemsip last night and it knocked me out so feel better for a good sleep. Might try and get some fresh air this morning, go out for a mess about on the mountain bike see if that helps.

Was at the dentist on Monday seeing the hygienist. I knew her husband was into running and her son but she’s took it up now and will be there on Sunday so I’m going to have to sort myself out.

Back to the Zinc and Vitamin C today. Apparently Zinc helps fight off any illnesses, so I’ll try that. Like I said before, I tend to take Echinacea if I feel anything coming on, but as this just turned up unannounced, it may be a little late for that now.

Will get sorted for Sunday, though hardly the best preparation.

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