Guess I’d better mention a few bits about me.

My name is Malcolm, I’m 45 and relatively new to triathlon. I’ve 5 kids (!!), 3 from my first marriage and 2 from my current one. Ages are from 19 to 2 so a good range with all the problems that they bring. 🙂

My main interests are Manchester City and watches. Cant say tri is a main interest, just something I enjoy ish.

Been a season ticket holder at City since 1975, so I’ve seen the bad times, the terrible times and the worse times. They were the perfect example of you can fool everyone all of the time!! Now, its a pleasure to go and see players like Aguero, Silva, Kompany, Toure and the like playing for my team. Whatever happens in my life now, nobody will ever take away the moment on 13 May 2012 when Sergio scored.

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