Rubber and Lube at the gym

Had a good week. Back at the gym now, doing my sessions with a PT. Mainly aimed at core and endurance but this week been trying to get some strength back so done some weights and a little sparring.


Thought I’d test out my Zone 3 Buoyancy shorts for the first time. They’re designed to help core stability whilst you swim, and are pretty much a cut off wetsuit. Have to say, they’re not a great look when you’re in the changing rooms or out of the pool. Sort of a cross between some tight kinky leather shorts and incontinence pants. And the sorts of noises you make when you’re squeezing them on in the changing rooms probably would take some explaining, as well as the tube of lube that accompanied them. Still, I managed to get them on and waddle out into the pool without getting arrested.


Once I got in the pool, they felt fine. I’ve never used a pull buoy before, but these are aimed at replacing that, with the added advantage of being able to kick as well. As soon as I started swimming, the first feel was my middle was closer to the surface and I wasn’t dangling my legs too deep. In addition, I felt much more able to move through the water and breathing on both sides was much easier as I was able to rotate from side to side so easily. All presumably down to the extra buoyancy they were giving, so they pretty much did what they said they would.


Felt very comfortable, and as I had the time, I just kept on and ended up doing the full IM 3.8 km. Just doing that gives me some confidence, it wasn’t particularly quick, a little over 75 minutes but knowing that the distance is not a problem 6 months before the event is a good thing. I’ve always been a decent swimmer, but over the past 12 months or so since I got into tri, I’ve stepped up the distance more. To be honest, I could have gone on past the 3.8 km but I called it quits at that and had a chill in the steam room.


So if anyone is particularly interested, would certainly recommend the buoyancy shorts, as long as you can live with the look!!


Have also done a couple of runs, nothing major, a couple of 5 km’s just to get back into the swing. I’ve managed to get a flat on the turbo so have to replace that which is a job for tonight. I really ought to concentrate on the bike now as that’s the weakest point by far. I know I can do the swim, I’ll get round the run its just that bike bit is the bit that I know I’m going to struggle with. Good job its only 112 miles and the biggest part then!!

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