Mojo Back

Not really had a lot to report in December. Did a little bit of running, little bit of gym work, little bit of turbo and a little bit of swimming.


Had an enforced break in mid December as went off to EuroDisney with my two little girls for a few days. By the time we got back, it was pretty much Christmas and coupled with the crappy weather, I’ve not got out at all. I’ve been up early a few mornings but once I got downstairs with my gear to get changed into, I just couldn’t get the enthusiasm to force myself out. Guess the darkness, gale force winds and horizontal rain weren’t helping me but I just couldn’t do it, which is unusual for me.


Managed to get back into it by going out for a mess about on my off road bike at the start of the week. As soon as I got out I was enjoying it, even though it was pretty cold. Just did a couple of hours but did manage a mix of off road mud and on road hills. Nothing too severe but got me back into the swing of it. Only downer was I found the only bit of black ice in the area and binned it at the bottom of a hill. Fortunately, saw it at the last minute but not a lot I could do as I was stopping for the junction. All happened in slow motion, first the rear wheel was ahead of the front wheel, then tried to balance myself by putting my foot down, straight onto the ice which then took me down completely. Pretty much bounced straight back up so no great injury, my right hand hurt a little but the gloves did their job.


Back in the gym in the morning, looking forward to that so looks like the training mojo is back.

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