Back from holiday

Back from holiday and still no t’interweb at the rented house we’re living in, hence the lack of updates. Been in here nearly 5 months and had no outside line in all that time, so no phone, t’interweb or email. Couple that with my mobile dying this week,bay as well have been living in a cave. Anyway, back on topic.


Not sure how long the Ironman buzz lasts, I’m still buzzing from just getting an entry, god knows what it’ll be like on the actual race day. Before that, there’s going to be quite a lot of pain with the training, in fact that pain has already started. Went out on the bike last weekend, and didn’t even get off the driveway before I fell off. In my defence, it’s quite a long driveway!! Those bloody clippless pedals, I just can’t get used to them, particularly my left foot, and guess which way I went??!! Fortunately, my left hip took most of the impact. It’s a little demoralising lying on the path on a Sunday morning, still clipped into the bike that is lying on top of you. A little bit of wriggling and a lot of swearing soon sorted that. Anyway, went back inside and set the bike up on the turbo!! Spent quite a while last week on that, generally when my wife was watching soaps or X Factor, but even that didn’t go to plan, managed to get a flat!!


You might be thinking why start now? It’s another 10 months to IMUK. Firstly, I really need to practice on the bike, it’s my big weakness of the 3. And secondly, I have the South Manchester sprint at the end of Seotember. It’s the same route as the Wilmslow tri that I popped my tri cherry with earlier this year so I know the course, it’s nice and local and it gives me a time to go up against.


Did it in 1.48 in May. Was just happy to finish that, this time I’d like to try and knock 10 minutes off that time. I might not have done as much tri specific training as I’d have liked but looking at my times, I can knock a bit off the transitions as they were a bit of a faff,and I’m sure I can do the same on the bike which is the big chunk. I do have another incentive to get round quicker. Need to get home and get changed so I can get to the football as its the Manchester derby that afternoon!!

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