In at the deep end….twice

Sat on holiday in Portugal for the past few days, thinking about what’s going on with my house and not alot else.

Quick mess on some of the forum’s that I visit regularly, and it appears the registration for Ironman UK is being launched today. Didnt really give it much thought, I want to do an IM, but not next year, I’ll keep to my sprints and half marathons, and maybe chuck in a full marathon just to say I’ve done one and possibly a half IM.

Read some posts on tritalk, and followed some links to a load of triathlon blogs. Looks like I could actually do an IM next year with some work. I’m reasonably fit, can do half marathons ok, not particularly quick but I’m south of 2 hours now and have started doing sprint tri’s but can I really be bothered?

Anyway, midday is the start of registration. By 20 past I’m £400 down and have my registration for my first IM. Why? Cant really give a definite answer, I think I just want to cross the line in July next year and hear those words “Malcolm. you’re an Ironman”. If you dont understand, then maybe this isnt for you.

So there it is, as the title says, in at the deep end. But twice? The second in at the deep end is what you’re reading now. Never done anything like this but thought, why not, could be fun. Just hope I keep it up.

Come back in the next weeks/months and see how I’m getting on.

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