4 weeks left

Not really had much time to do any updates on here, but that’s just down to the fact that IMUK is now less than 4 weeks away and I’ve actually been hammering the training!!

To be perfectly honest, if it was tomorrow, I’m sure I’d do it, that’s how confident I feel at the minute. I’m not sure I really should be feeling that confident, particularly bearing in mind its my first full distance but bring it on. Only a couple of weeks training left, then its taper time.

So what have I been doing? Swimming wise, I’ve tried to be getting in the pool at least twice a week, but sometimes it has worked out better and occasionally it has only been once. I’ve swam the full 3.8 km distance 5 or 6 times now, last week I managed a 4.5 km swim and everytime, I just get into my rhythm and just plod on. Yes its boring, but I just try to occupy my mind with something and soon enough, its all over. The plan is to get a couple of open water swims in over the next week or so just to get acclimatised to it, but generally, the swimming seems fine.

Cycling is coming along. I’ve been doing plenty of work on the Wattbike and also getting at least one long ride in a week. The long ride has varied from 50 to 75 miles, but everytime I’ve been comfortable doing it, in fact I’ve surprised myself just how comfy I’ve been. The only slight problem is my tribike has now turned up and I need to get used to riding that. I’m sure I will, the benefits it should bring will hopefully outweigh the lack of miles I’ve done on it. I have to say I’m finding the aero position quite strange at the minute. It doesn’t feel natural at all, and the bike feels a little skitty over the surface but its something I just need to keep on at.

The only plans for the cycling is to try and ride some of the course and get a 100 mile ride in before taper time comes. Other than that, I’ll just keep practicing and getting used to the new bike.

Running has been fine. Lots of shorter runs between 6 and 12 miles, with a couple of 20 milers thrown in for good measure as well. I know I’m not going to be troubling anyone down the sharp end of the race, my goal this year is just to finish so for my longer runs, I’ve been doing a 8 minute run, 2 minute walk strategy and I’ve found this has worked fine. I was a little worried about trying this as I remember when I first started doing half marathons and couldn’t get round the distance without walking, the initial feeling in the legs felt really stiff after having a walk break, but I guess as I’ve got fitter over the years, that has improved and it worked really well. 20 miles is the farthest I’ve run, and I felt fresh at the end of it. In fact, I did an 18 mile run yesterday, and all day, my legs have not been stiff from it which is a big improvement from a few years ago. To be honest, the run 8 walk 2 strategy will probably equate roughly to run to an aid station, and walk through it as I take on fluid and nutrition so hopefully it will work fine.

So there we have it. Big training weeks, and only a couple more to go, bring it on!!

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