12 Weeks to go

Twelve weeks to go? Where’s all that time gone? Suddenly started to dawn on me that maybe I’m not quite as ready for it as I think I am.I’ve had a training plan, but a couple of injuries, a few days away and just life in general has meant I haven’t stuck to it religiously.

The past week has been a lot better. I’ve done my sessions at the gym, done a couple of 10k runs and a couple of turbo sessions. Tonight, before writing this, I’ve just done 40k on the Wattbike so I’m feeling ok but I just need to sort my bike sessions out. It hasn’t helped in that I ordered a new bike at the start of February and it still isn’t here, apparently they’re waiting on parts from Shimano but need that here now so I can practice on it. The weather hasn’t been great either so I’ve done most of my sessions indoors.

I did actually get out on my road bike on Saturday morning. Planned it well as the weather was meant to be ok so up at just after 6 and out without waking anyone up just before 7. Only problem was I’d misjudged the temperature somewhat, so whilst my body was ok, I could hardly feel my fingers so I only lasted an hour. Getting soft in my old age!! It was good to get out and get a feel for the bike on the road again, just disappointed I didn’t last longer.

I’ve been looking at a couple of other training plans that are aimed at a 12 week prep. They look reasonable so I’m going to juggle my gym sessions about and try and do that. I’m going to need my wife to buy in to what I’m doing, she’s quite non plussed about the whole thing at the minute but hopefully will talk her round. Might cost me another handbag but it’ll be worth it in the end.

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