More Fitting Training in

Following on from what I wrote the other day, here’s a couple of examples of being flexible with a training plan.


On Monday, its half term and my the two youngest daughters are not well. They’ve been up all night so between them and my wife, they didn’t get much sleep. I was due at the gym that morning but to let them sleep in I cancelled my session. After lunch, they all went back to bed, so I knew I was going to have some time to kill so I got my kit on and went out for a run whilst they slept. It was quite worthwhile as I managed my first 10 mile session for a long time.


Today, I’ve not been able to get my swimming session in as I was needed at home to look after my youngest. No probs, she’s having her afternoon sleep so get an hour in on the Wattbike.


Both might not be planned sessions, but at least I was getting something done rather than nothing by being a bit flexible, and I’m sure something is better than nothing.

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