Not really mentioned my training much. Since Christmas, been concentrating on just getting my strength and stamina back and hopefully that’s worked. Feel a lot better and fitter so everything seems to be going in the right direction. Whilst I’ve not had a training plan as such, I’ve followed some different routines and sessions with the view to getting my fitness back up to what it should have been.


Swimming is the one that I don’t have a problem with. I’ve done the full 3.8 km distance this month without a problem, so I’ve just been doing some interval training to try and get my speed up. Depending on time, I’ll do 10 x 100m and try to keep them at the same time ish. Usually works, and I’ve been lucky in that I seem to have the pool to myself most days when I go in. My youngest daughter has a swimming lesson on a Friday afternoon, so while she is doing that, I can get a quick 45 minute swim in as well which keep things ticking over.


Running has been fine, although most of my runs have been on the treadmill in the gym as the weather has been shite. The most I have done is 10 km but that was fine and I’m gradually building that up.


The bike, not great!! My plan was to be hitting the turbo over the Winter a lot more than I have. I’ve had mechanical issues with the turbo in that I keep getting flats, so thought I’d be clever and go and get a wheel, cassette and turbo tyre so I would have a dedicated turbo back wheel. Great idea in theory but with my mechanical ability, it all turned to shit and I’m going to be phoning the local bike shop to give the bike a service as I’m not convinced I’ve put everything back together ok!! In the end, I’ve decided to dive in for a Wattbike. I’ve sold it on the fact that we all can use it, but I’m hoping that this will give me more use by having a dedicated exercise bike there. I need to put in some serious miles on the bike, but with the weather, I’ve only been out on the mountain bike, and even then, not too far. If I have my bike all serviced and ready to go, then I know I’ll be able to hop on it when the weather improves and get some proper road use, but in the meantime, its going to be indoor stuff.


I’ve also been doing some brick sessions in the gym after my PT sessions. Friday I did 30 km on the bike, followed up by a 6 km run, and it felt fine. Have to admit, the first time I ever went from a bike straight onto a run, it was a strange feeling, but now it doesn’t seem to bother me which hopefully is the training working.


And talking of training, in my inbox this morning was an email from giving me my first day of IMUK training plan, so its starting to get real now!! Hope this isn’t an omen, but I feel like shit, got a really bad cold so thought that its day 1 and I’m already going to be behind!! Fortunately, day 1 is a rest day, preparing you for what will be happening over next 6 months so all being well, will be feeling better tomorrow and I’ll be able to start it properly.



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