How Long???

Had an email from IMUK today. Nothing in that I hear you say, other than the snippet that said “IMUK is 36 weeks away.” How long??!! I only just booked it the other week, or so it seemed. It was actually August that I booked it, sat on a sunbed in Portugal thinking I had ages to sort myself out.


I’ve now “used” about a quarter of the time that I had and that has got me a little concerned. I really need to get some bike miles in my legs, but looking at the weather, its just going to be turbo sessions. I’m sure they’re better than nothing but its the bike that bothers me the most which is why I thought I’d have done more than I have now. This month will be a write off as I’m off to EuroDisney for a few days with my two youngest, then its Christmas and New Year, and before long its less than 6 months to D Day.


I know I’m not starting from nothing, I’ve got a basic, decent fitness but I’m sure this is going to be like nothing else. If it was to happen tomorrow, I’d have a go but I really want to give a good account of myself. I’ve read and digested every scrap of information on t’interweb I can, every forum and every blog. I reckon I’m quite knowledgeable about what could happen but that’s nothing like experiencing it first-hand. Guess this is my first mental hurdle to get over, the doubt that I can do it or devote the time I need to training. I’m confident I’ll be there on 20th July, probably nearer 11 o’clock than I’d like but as long as I hear those words “Malcolm, you are an Iron Man.” then I’ll be happy.


Right, I’m off to watch Celebrity…..:)


(Although I’m at the gym in the morning!!)