Post Capesthorne

Had a nice week doing pretty much nothing, but got back into it this week.


Been messing on my off road bike in the mud. Great fun, wish I’d got one years ago now. Its not a full off road mountain bike but it does everything I need it to do so I’m like a big kid with it. I’m quite lucky where I live as we’re in the middle of a lot of stuff, but ride out for a couple of miles, and I can be in the countryside. I’m also very close to the River Bollin so its great to be arsing around on the banks through the trees and mud. Just need to watch out for any enthusiastic dogs, or protective owners. Never seem to have much of a problem when I’m out running but when I’m on a bike, it seems different and they want to have a pop, the dogs that is.


Also done some swimming for the first time in a while. A couple of short ones, but one biggish one of 1.8 km, which is the half ironman distance. Felt quite good doing it, although wasn’t particularly quick. Enjoyed doing it and the fact that I could just get in the pool and do it gives me a lot of confidence, although I realise pool swimming and open water are two different things. To be honest, swimming isn’t really my worry for IMUK, its the bike which is why I’m going to concentrate on that for the Winter.


Looking back at the HM last week, learnt a couple of things. Think the main one was not to use the gels that I did. They gave me some really bad stomach pains and was very relieved it wasn’t too far to drive home after the run, even so, only just made it home!! Little bit disappointed as they’re the gels at IMUK in Bolton so was rather hoping to be able to use them, will just have to use my usual ones instead. Might trial some others before IMUK but at least I know mine work.


This was the first time I’d properly had a plan for a race, and it sort of worked. I knew what time I was aiming for, and what I had to do each mile in. I’ve always just put my head down and run beforehand and got through it, this time I was a little more scientific and felt better for it. That’s what comes of reading too much on t’interweb I guess. Needed better preparation but that’s down to me and I’ll sort that next year. 


Just looking at other events for next year now, will hopefully put an update on what I’m going to shuffle round next year later this month



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