Conway it is, or actually isnt

Managed a couple of decent ish runs this week, or at least decent to me.


Wednesday, did a 10k on the treadmill at the gym. That was after being blasted for an hour with my trainer on the kettlebells. He told me they’d take a fair bit of gas out of me, so guess you could look at it as a brick session, but without the bike!! Popped a gel before I started just to keep up the energy levels and it seemed to hit about 15 minutes in. Didn’t go particularly quick, just wanted to do the distance and see how I felt doing it. Felt nice and easy, and didn’t get any stiffness the next day either, so all good.


Did another run this morning, just short of 10k. Not quite sure on the speed as my Garmin decided it wasn’t going to find any satellites but it felt a good pace for me, and again, was comfy. Even been for a nice long walk this afternoon with the family and no problems with the legs, so quite happy at that.


If anyone is actually reading this and thinking that its only 10k, I know but I haven’t really run anything like that for a couple of months now so wanted to make sure I was ok doing it. I know that the IMUK is a tad longer but I’ve got another 9 months to get my running back up to scratch. And anyway, I’m more concerned about the bike than the run.


So, having spoken with the Fun Prevention Officer, I have a pass for 3rd November for the Conway Half Marathon. Just before I started typing this, I went onto the site to book my entry, and noticed its now on 24th November. I’m sure that it was on 3rd, so looks like it will be Capesthorne Hall now. Really fancied the Conway one having looked at it, but I just cant do that day so will have to do the other.


Will get my entry in and keep this updated on how I go.

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