DNF Reflections

Had a few days to look back on Sunday.

Was genuinely gutted about it. Guess that means that triathlon has got under my skin a fair bit now. Even though I only did the swin and 6 km of the bike, still took some positives out of it, and learnt a few more things.

The positives were my swim and what little of the bike I did. I knocked about 45 seconds off my swimming time so was pleased with that. I’m sure there is more to come there but it’s a good platform going into next year.

The bike is definitely my weakest part. Prior to this year, I’d not been on a bike for 30 years. I hired one from TriUK for the summer and then took up their upgrade offer to buy the Merida I have now. This was the first race that I’d used it in, and everything felt right. I’ve had a bike fitting a couple of weeks ago and think that this coupled with the differences in the new bike just gave me some speed and comfort. The speed and comfort then gave me some confidence and this just grew the further in I went.

There were a few occasions in the time I was out there where I saw a rider in front of me and I just thought to myself to try and pace myself to see if I could catch them up. Not only was I catching them up, I was passing them with some ease which I have never done previously, which just increased my confidence on the bike.

They were the positives. The lessons were the same old stuff. Not being organised and just trusting myself that I had got everything. Racking the bike then became a stress as I wasn’t sure what to put on the bike. In the end, decided to put spare inner tube in my bike top back pocket, which when I got the flat made me smile a little as I thought what I smartarse I’d been to put it in. However, that then lead to a bigger faff in the transition as I needed to put my cycle top on, and thought I’d save time by not drying my arms properly. A brief wrestle with the top and I ended up putting it down, drying myself and putting it on again. Only a few seconds but it just adds to the stress. The added stress also meant I didn’t take my Garmin off my wrist and put it on the bars which meant looking at my wrist for any information, not ideal.

Guess as long as I have learnt something from Sunday, it will have been worth it.

And anyway, City soon cheered me up that afternoon, hammering Stretford 4-1!!

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